8 special hotel Experiences from around the world

few joys beat the ecstasy of being on a high-end holiday at a superior hotel. as well as while some tourists are delighted with a easily found hotel that supplies all the fundamental necessities as well as comfort, others want more. For intrepid travelers like me, one of those few joys is staying at a quirky hotel that has a character of its own, since when you’re splurging, shouldn’t it be on something phenomenal?

From a glass-shaped ‘treehouse’ in Sweden to an inn that is shaped like a pet dog in Idaho, right here are eight hotels suggested by HolidayMe (EN|AR) that are guaranteed to provide you special experiences that you wouldn’t want to miss out on:


SAS Attrap’Reves, France
Sun cruise Resort, Donghae, South Korea
Inntel hotel Zaandam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Treehotel, Harads, Sweden
Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The pet dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA
Montana Magica Lodge, Panguipulli, Chile
9 hours capsule Hotel, Kyoto, Japan
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SAS Attrap’Reves, France

Want to sleep under the stars with all the luxuries of a five-star hotel? With places in Allauch, La Boulladisse, Montagnac, Puget Ville as well as Saint Maime regions of France, the Attrap’Reves chain of hotels have come up with this ingenious method to let you do precisely that.

Photo courtesy of Attrap’Reves
Each space right here is a fully-furnished, transparent pod set amidst forested surroundings. What’s more, these advanced bubbles not only secure you from bugs as well as pests while providing you a complimentary view of the night sky, they are likewise eco-friendly, having been made of recyclable material.

Sun cruise Resort, Donghae, South Korea

Photo courtesy of sun cruise Resort
If you’re prone to seasickness however still dream of getting on a cruise, South Korea’s sun cruise resort is your dream come true. Calling itself the “first high-end cruise ship on land,” the hotel uses all the amenities in addition to the experience you’d expect from high-end cruise ship – minus the nausea! The resort likewise has a turning sky lounge that has sensational views of the ocean.

Inntel hotel Zaandam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo courtesy of Inntel hotel Zaandam
On very first look, the Inntel hotel resembles a set of homes neatly stacked on one on top of another. The lodging, which is inspired by Dutch design, depicts customary locations of Netherland’s Zaan region, providing Inntel hotel its special façade. The hotel has 70 such stacked houses, as well as likewise features an indoor pool, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, tropical rain shower, as well as gym, among other facilities.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Photo courtesy of Treehotel
Situated in the want woods around Sweden’s Harads region, Treehotel is a shop hotel that is a must-visit for each nature lover. It features unique, environment-friendly spaces that include big beds in addition to a stylish decor. There are six fascinating “treerooms” that are shaped like a glass lodge, an authentic-looking bird’s nest, a spectacular Mirrorcube that is completely reflective, as well as a UFO that’ll remind you of Steven Spielberg’s E.T. סרט. Additionally, there’re spaces named Blue Cone, Dragonfly as well as a magnificent Tree Sauna.

Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo courtesy of Faralda Crane Hotel
As improbable as it sounds, Faralda Crane hotel was really an industrial crane when upon a time. located in Amsterdam’s previous NDSM shipyard, this hotel is weird, even for this list! There are three high-end hotel suites instead of normal rooms, all of which are found in the crane’s old maker room. Adrenaline junkie guests can similarly bungee hop from the greatest point of the crane, while others can generally chill out in the open air Jacuzzi as well as take in the view. as well as whenever you believe you requirement to rest in a massive crane dangling 50 meters mid-air, you understand where to go!

The pet dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

Photo courtesy of The pet dog Bark Park Inn
This prominent Idaho hotel takes the term ‘dog lover’ to a whole new level. found in a 30-foot beagle which has been named “Sweet Willy” by the locals, pet dog Bark Park Inn is guest friendly in addition to pet-friendly. though little in size (it’s only a 2-bedroom B&B), the guesthouse is totally decked out with canine-inspired furnishings. Interesting, no?

Montana Magica Lodge, Panguipulli, Chile

Rising from Chile’s jungles like a big stone monolith, Montana Magica (English Translation: Magic Mountain) hotel is nothing short of a fairy-tale wonder. found in Huilo Huilo biological Reserve in Panguipulli city in Chile, this mountain-shaped hotel has a long-term waterfall as well as exteriors covered in lawn as well as moss. as well as if you believe it’s not for you comfort-seekers, believe again! Montana Magica has cosy wood-furnished rooms, a spa, weמרכז Llness, בנוסף לבריכה מקורה!

מלון קפסולה של 9 שעות, קיוטו, יפן

צילום באדיבות מלון קפסולה של 9 שעות
מלון הקפסולה של קיוטו, 9 שעות, של קיוטו, משתמש במלון הקפסולה של קיוטו, משתמש בעיצוב דמוי חללית עם קווים נקיים כמו גם מיטות קפסולות מיוחדות. יש קומות נפרדות לגיא כמו גם לנשים, כמו גם כל תרמיל ישן כולל מערכת ניהול-שינה-שמחה שמצהירה כדי לסייע לך לקבל מנוחה טובה יותר. מקלחות כמו גם שירותים משותפות, כמו גם במלון יש נעלי בית משלו, נעלי בית, כמו גם מוצרי טיפוח מתוצרת יפן שתוכלו להתמכר בהן.

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