16 incredible pictures FROM MY see TO TORRES DEL PAINE

Posted: 03/11/16 | March 11th, 2016

Last month, as part of my “go offline” February, I went to Patagonia with Intrepid travel as well as hiked the popular W trip in Torres Del Paine (as well as the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate).

I’ve never done a multi-day trip before and, by the end, my legs were exceptionally sore (and so were my eyes because I stopped blinking for four days. Torres was AMAZING!). however the trip was one of the very best things I’ve done as well as made me recognize I requirement to get out into nature more.

While I’ve shared a few of the very best areas in Patagonia, today I wished to share a few of my pictures from the trip.

I don’t commonly publish picture articles since I’m not a world-class photographer. But, considering that Patagonia was one of the most lovely locations I’ve ever seen, I feel compelled. whatever is significant there — the mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, as well as lakes — and you just feel so small. You truly get a sense of just exactly how small we are compared to nature!

Here are a few of my preferred pictures from the trip to assist influence you to add it to your container list:

The popular Torres Towers. getting right here needs a 22km hike as well as 900-meter steep ascent. however seeing them on such a lovely day was the highlight of the trip for me. I spent close to two hours right here just enjoying the moment. No picture does the view justice!

Grey Glacier is a large glacier that stretches over 6km (3.7 miles) as well as stands 30 meters (98 feet) high. It’s one of the greatest glaciers in the entire region.

One of the lots of picturesque views on the method to Grey Glacier. We were lucky to have such extraordinary weather condition during our hike!

On the method to Grey Glacier, there’s a lovely lake (which is the terminus of the glacier as well as shares its name) full of icebergs! The water is grey since of the dirt as well as silt that melts with the glacier (hence the name of the lake/glacier).

This is the view as you go into Torres del Paine national Park. well established in 1959, the park spans nearly 500,000 acres as well as sees over 250,000 visitors each year. The park is house to all kind of wildlife, including birds of prey, foxes, puma, as well as guanaco (which are similar to llamas).

You can see the Torres Towers in the distance.

The remnants of trees burned in a terminate on the method to the French Valley. There have been a number of big fires right here — fires enduring days as well as burning numerous kilometers of forest — that were triggered by careless tourists. So don’t play with terminate while you’re right here as well as be sure to comply with all indications as well as security regulations!

The steep, rocky ascent as much as Glacier Frances (French Glacier) in the French Valley, one of the 4 primary valleys in the park.

Glacier Frances in the French Valley. While not the very best photo, see the ice edging off the mountain was amazing. You establish a much higher appreciation for exactly how much time it takes for these glaciers to shift as well as step over centuries.

Another traditional picture of the Torres Towers. You can see people in the foreground o assist you get a sense of just exactly how spacious as well as large this entire area is. I’ll never get tired of that view!

Perito Moreno Glacier, found outside El Calafate, is one more one of the most prominent stops in the area. The glacier covers 250 square kilometers (97 square miles), spanning 30km (19 miles) in length. It’s like the wall from game of thrones — however real!

If you’re not on a multi-day hike as well as just checking out on a day trip, it’s possible to book a excursion to go hiking on the glacier itself (we hiked on it as well as it was absolutely incredible).

Valley Ascencio as well as one of the lots of picturesque views on the method to the Torres Towers.

Our campsite at Refugio Paine Grande. This is what it appears like camping along the trek. considering that it’s such a prominent vacationer attraction, you’ll encounter great deals of other groups as well as travelers hiking as well as camping here. Fortunately, there is lots of area so your tents aren’t as well cramped together (but bring earplugs if you’re a light sleeper).

On the method to the French Valley!

On the method to the French Valley with Paine Granite Towers ahead!

Perito Moreno Glacier! I walked across (my very first time ever hiking on a glacier) as well as it was like being on one more planet. It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before — it was great!

Looking back out over the French Valley.

I hope you took pleasure in these photos. None of them do justice to the majestic natural appeal of the park, however I hope they at least provide you a look into just exactly how legendary as well as incredible his hike is.

Even if you’re not an avid hiker or camper, I’d still suggest adding this to רשימת מכולות הנסיעות שלך. לא תתאכזב!

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אל תזכרו את ביטוח הנסיעות
כיסוי ביטוח נסיעות יבטח אותך כנגד מחלה, פציעה, גניבה וכן ביטולים. זו ביטחון מפורט במצב כל דבר משתבש. אני אף פעם לא יוצא לטיול בלעדיו כיוון שהייתי צריך לנצל את זה הרבה פעמים בעבר. העסק המועדף עלי שמציע את השירות הטוב ביותר כמו גם הערך הוא:

אגף בטיחות (לכולם מתחת 70)

להבטיח את הטיול שלי (לאלה מעל גיל 70)

Medjet (לכיסוי חוזר נוסף)

מחפש את העסק הטוב ביותר לחסוך איתו כסף?
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רוצה הרבה מידע נוסף על ארגנטינה?
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