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Compared to lots of of its neighbors in the middle East, Jordan is an remarkably risk-free country to visit.

When I was in Jordan, I never encountered any type of security issues. as well as few people provided me that “what are you doing here?” תראה. Instead, I discovered everybody to be happy, curious, as well as welcoming.

And a number of solo female travelers I understand have experienced the exact same thing.

In short, while people may have some nervousness about the region, Jordan is one of the safest locations to go to in the region, as well as likely bit will go wrong here. In fact, the Jordanian government puts a great deal of effort as well as money into making visitors feel risk-free with prominent safety as well as authorities existence in vacationer regions as well as in hotels.

So what do you requirement to believe about before you head to Jordan? as well as are there any type of parts you must avoid?

The ideas below cover the security problems you will requirement to think about before you travel to Jordan so you can take pleasure in every moment of your trip. If you keep these ideas in mind, you’ll be extremely risk-free while in Jordan!

1. Be conscious of your possessions – thanks to an boosted authorities existence in Jordan, even petty criminal offense rates are quite low, however it’s always practical to stay conscious of where your possessions are. There have been reports of pickpockets as well as purse-snatchers in a few of the a lot more congested parts of Amman’s old town center as well as at major vacationer sites.

2. prevent the borders with Syria as well as Iraq – It’s typical understanding that Syria as well as Iraq are hazardous locations to go to at the moment, as well as this extends to their frontiers with Jordan. None of the primary vacationer attractions are near these borders, so it makes sense just to keep clear.

3. stay away from public protests – It seems that the routine public presentations in Jordan are almost always peaceful, however just the same, it is typical sense to prevent huge events such as this if you can assist it.

In the capital, Amman, there are frequently presentations on Thursday evenings or after Friday midday prayers, near the office of the prime minister. They likewise tend to happen when major economic problems are being debated or on considerable anniversaries. keep an eye on the regional media so you’re able to prevent inadvertently being caught up in any type of regional protests.

4. Be conscious of your security in taxi rides – There have been a few reports from female travelers about harassment from taxi drivers. the very best method to prevent this is to sit in the back as well as stay alert. These are extremely isolated incidents; normally speaking, taxi motorists in Jordan are truly helpful.

5. Be cautious on the Desert highway – highway 15, which runs north to south with Jordan, is one of the primary routes between Amman as well as other centers, like Aqaba. There have been events when the highway is closed since of unrest in Ma’an in the south, as well as other parts are blocked from time to time. inspect the regional news for any type of closures as well as always comply with authorities instructions.

6. get travel insurance coverage – Whenever as well as anywhere you travel, you must always have an proper level of travel insurance, considering that you never understand when something can go wrong. get travel insurance coverage when you book your trip to assist you out of an emergency or to compensate you for theft or injury. I never leave house without it.

Frequently Asked concerns on Jordan Safety

Here are some solution to the most often asked concerns I get about security in Jordan:

Is the tap water risk-free to drink in Jordan?
Generally speaking, the tap water in Jordan is risk-free to drink. lots of hotels will have water purifiers also just to make sure you get clean drinking water. If you’re in question of your water’s cleanliness, boil it for a minute very first or utilize a SteriPen or LifeStraw to purify it.

There are no detailed recycling programs in Jordan so a lot of plastic ends up in landfills. try to prevent single-use plastic if you can.

Are there any type of scams in Jordan?
Like a lot of countries, there are a few scams you’ll want to be conscious of when visiting. the most typical scams include taxi motorists overcharging you or taking you on a longer route, shop owners telling you that handicrafts are made locally when they are not, as well as shop owners selling “antiques” that are just inexpensive replicas.

Most of the scams are just trying to rip you off so you needn’t concern as well much about your safety. just keep your wits about you as well as you’ll be able to prevent these typical petty scams.

For a lot more information, inspect out this publish on typical scams.

Is it risk-free to go to Jordan solo?Like anywhere, there are a few additional precautions you must take when you travel solo, however Jordan is absolutely a fantastic destination nonetheless. The Jordanian people are truly friendly as well as welcoming, as well as you’ll make great deals of regional friends.

Is Jordan risk-free to go to for solo female travelers?
Solo female travelers will want to take the basic precautions right here in addition to being mindful of the garments they wear. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you are appropriately covered when entering religious sites however you may likewise want to conceal when out checking out the country at big as well.

Unwanted interest can be kept at bay by dressing like the locals as well as covering your subjected skin. long pants as well as long-sleeve tee shirts will go a long method in assisting you look less like a vacationer while likewise stopping unwanted attention.

Here are a few useful articles on security written by our solo female travel experts:

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Should I concern about a terrorist assault in Jordan?
Government warnings for travelers to Jordan do mention the possibility of terrorist attacks, due to some occurrences in the past, particularly one at Karak Castle in 2016, when a Canadian vacationer was killed. There have likewise been a number of extremist terrorist plots disrupted by the Jordanian authorities. So the danger exists, however the government is normally great at tracking as well as taking care of these.

Overall, the terrorist assault warnings are at the exact same level as lots of countries in Europe that you would most likely go to without thinking about this at all.

Despite a few of its neighbors being countries I don’t suggest checking out at the moment (such as Iraq as well as Syria) Jordan itself is extremely welcoming to tourists, as well as the government, which is keen to have a lot more foreign visitors, has taken lots of precautions to make sure your safety.

The friendly locals — integrated with extraordinary ancient architecture, sensational desert settings, as well as the originality of checking out the Dead Sea, among other sites — will make sure you have a thoroughly satisfying trip to Jordan.

Book Your trip to Jordan: Logistical ideas as well as Tricks
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