List of DOT-Accredited hotels & beach Resorts in LA UNION

2020 • 11 • 16

Now that travel limitations are slowly being relieved as well as destinations are opening to tourists, it is essential to understand as well as comply with the protocols set by the government if you plan on going on a trip. among the things you have to think about is the location to stay.

In accordance with the department of tourism (DOT) Administrative purchase No. 2020-002, lodging establishments should have a Certificate of Authority to operate (CAO). This is to guarantee that they adhere to the guidelines offered for the operation of tourism facilities for the health and wellness as well as security of both guests as well as staff.

La Union has opened tourism for visitors from region 1 as well as Baguio City last October as part of the Ridge to Reef Corridor plan. This tourism healing job enables tourists from Pangasinan, La Union, Illocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, as well as Baguio City to see provinces within the region. part of the guidelines as well as demands that tourists shall offer to be enabled entry is a verified booking at an lodging certified by the DOT.

Below is the listing of hotels as well as resorts in La Union with a CAO as well as Provisional CAO. Authorized traveler inns, guest houses, bed as well as breakfasts, as well as hostels, likewise understood as Mabuhay Accommodations, are not included in this list, as we plan to make a separate publish for them.

Aureo La Union
ברגי. San Francisco, San Fernando City
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Awesome hotel Inc.
319 Eagle street Montemar Village, Ili Norte, San Juan, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Boondocks Cabins Resort
San Fernando, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

C & A Paradiso beach Resort
Mary Land, Samara, Aringay, La Union

China Sea beach Resort
ברגי. Paringao, Bauang, La Union

Citigate Hotel
San Fernando, La Union

Em Royalle Hotel
Taboc, San Juan, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Hotel Ariana
Barangay Paringao, Bauang, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Hotel45 beach Resort
Bauang, La Union

Isla Bonita beach Resort
ברגי. Ili Sur
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Kahuna hotel cafe as well as Restaurant, Inc.
Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

La Union Blue Marlin Resort
Airport Road, Canaoay, San Fernando City, La Union

La Union Oasis Hotel, Inc.
ברגי. Sevilla, San Fernando City, La Union

Lacuna Resort
Bauang, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Lafaayette high-end Suites Resort
353 Baccuit Sur, Bauang

Marand resort as well as Spa
Mc Arthur Highway, Baccuit Sur, Bauang, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

P & M final choice beach Resort
# 320 Eagle St., Ili Norte
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Puerto De San Juan beach resort Hotel
Barangay Ili Sur, San Juan, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Pugo resort as well as experience Park
Pugo, La Union

San Juan surf Resort
#238 Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Sang Ryul Paradise beach resort Inc.
Arturo M. Balagot Street, Pagdalagan Sur

Sea as well as sky hotel & Restaurant

Se-Bay resort & home entertainment Center
Urbiztondo, San Juan

Splash town Water Park & Resort
ברגי. San Juan, Agoo, La Union

Thunderbird Pilipinas hotels as well as Resorts, Inc.
Voa Compound Pennsylvania Ave., Poro Point, San Fernando City, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Villa D’ El-Lita hotel as well as Restaurant
National Highway, Brgy. Ipet, Sudipen, La Union

Villa Estrella resort Hotel
ברגי. Paringao, Bauang, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Villa Navarro beach Resort-Village
Santiago Norte, Caba, La Union

Villas Buenavista
Ili Sur, San Juan, La Union
בדוק שיעורים ותמונות! ✅

Search for much more La Union Accommodations!

Because travel policies modification rapidly these days, keep in mind to inspect the comprehensive as well as updated guidelines of the government of La Union prior to booking or making a trip. You can likewise get in touch with the hotel or resort to request their protocols for booking as well as inspecting in, as they may have extra policies on top of what is mandated by the government.

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