CHUN SHUI TANG Bubble Milk Tea original Shop: Menu, Hours, exactly how to get There

Pearl milk tea, likewise called bubble milk tea, has risen to “rockstar” condition in terms of popularity in lots of parts of Asia. even right here in the Philippines, where tea isn’t a essential drink, milk tea shops have sprouted. worldwide as well as regional brands contend to catch the interest of the drinking public by using signature drinks as well as special ingredients.

But it is stated that pearl milk tea originated in Taichung, Taiwan. It is believed to have been concocted by Liu Hanjie (Liu Han-chieh), who opened a teahouse shop in the early 1980s. found at Siwei Street, West district in Taichung, it was originally named Yang Xian Tea shop (or Yangmu Tea Shop) as well as later, Chun Shui Tang. The owner introduced chilly teas after coming back from his Japan trip where iced coffee drinks were sold.

But it was not up until 1987 that bubble tea was found suddenly when Lin Xiuhui (Lin Hsiuhwei), then the product advancement manager, tried integrating tapioca pearls into her iced milk tea while on a meeting. The original store is still operating to this day. From the outside, it was unassuming, however the ground floor as well as the basement present the story of Chun Shui Tang with visual screens as well as decorations.

Are you a bubble-tea lover? You may want to think about checking out Chun Shui Tang — the “birthplace” of bubble teas. For first-time visitors, right here are other details you may want to understand before you go.

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What are the operating hours of Chun Shui Tang?
When is the very best time to go?
How to get to Chun Shui Tang?
What are the prominent products on the Chun Shui Tang Menu?Iced Tea
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Tea Snacks

What are the attractions or landmarks near Chun Shui Tang?
Where can I get in touch with the administration for additionally inquiries?
Other Chun Shui Tang Tips
Where to stay in TaichungSearch for a lot more Taichung Hotels!

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What are the operating hours of Chun Shui Tang?

The original store in Taichung is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

But since of its popularity, there are over 40 Chun Shui Tang stores in Taiwan, as well as operating hours may differ.

When is the very best time to go?

Although the store has a two-level dining area (basement as well as ground floor), it can truly get packed during brunch, lunch, as well as dinner time.

There are fewer people in the afternoon (after lunch as well as before dinner) as well as an hour or two before closing time.

How to get to Chun Shui Tang?

From TRA Taichung Station, you can reach Chun Shui Tang on foot in around 20 minutes. must you choose to take a taxi, the travel time is about 5 minutes, depending upon the web traffic condition. Here’s exactly how to get there on foot.

From TRA Taichung Station, walk towards Jianguo Road. You will pass by the golden Plaza building. continue walking directly ahead.

Turn ideal to Minsheng Road. You will pass by Juren Junior High institution on your ideal as well as Taichung Municipal Taichung Girl’s senior High institution on your left.

Turn left on Shifu Road. continue directly ahead.

Turn ideal to Siwei Street. walk directly ahead as well as keep looking on your ideal up until you reach Chun Shui Tang.

What are the prominent products on the Chun Shui Tang Menu?

Since its conception in 1983, Chun Shui Tang not only established different drinks as well as flavors however likewise came up with meal as well as snack choices.

Out of this large variety of choices, there are those that caught the hearts as well as palates of its devoted customers, making them essential products as well as regulars on the menu. The cost variety for chilly as well as hot tea drinks is NT$ 70 – NT$ 140. These are Chun Shui Tang’s traditional products.

תֵה קַר

Pearl Milk Tea. produced in 1987, this is stated to be the ancestor of pearl milk teas. It consists of raw tea juice from natural tea leaves, chewy tapioca pearls (or boba), rich milk, as well as sugar cane.

Signature Black Tea. very first served in 1983, the chilly drink is made from choose black tea from India as well as Sri Lanka.

Lemon Jasmine Tea. combination of jasmine tea as well as fresh lemon juice.

Pearl Milk Tea with Red Bean Paste. made from Assam black tea, rich milk, tapioca pearls, as well as house-specialty honey red beans.

Tieguanyin Iced Tea. made from roasted tie Guan Yin tea leaves dipped in a little pot of hot water as well as then poured into a shaker with ice.

תה חם

Pearl Milk Tea. exact same components with the chilly version.

Lemon Black Tea. made from Assam as well as Ceylon black tea as well as fresh lemon juice.

Black Tea Latte. made from Lixiang black tea, fresh milk, as well as milk foam.

Pomelo Jasmine Tea. made from premium jasmine tea as well as pomelo essence.

Tieguanyin Latte. made from rich milk, tie Guan Yin, aswell as milk foam.


Kung-Fu Noodles

Braised Beef Noodles

Handmade thin Noodles
(With Sesame Oil)

Noodles With XO Sauce

Vegetarian Noodles

Tea Snacks

Braised Bean Curd & Rice Gao

Deep Fried Chicken

Braised King Oyster
Mushroom With Basil

עוגת לפת

Shao-Mai Combo

What are the attractions or landmarks near Chun Shui Tang?

Painted Animation Lane. An alley with vibrant anime-inspired mural paintings/graffiti.

Fifth Market. A public market that homes the prominent Da Fang Roast poultry food stall.

Natural method six Arts cultural Center. A cultural well-preserved Japanese dojo complex that likewise uses tea ceremonies event as well as themed lectures.

National Taichung university of Education. established in 1899.

Where can I get in touch with the administration for additionally inquiries?

Address: No. 30, Siwei Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan

Landline: 04-2259-2567 / 04-2229-7991


Official Website:

Other Chun Shui Tang Tips

The teahouse shop serves brunch, lunch, as well as dinner. expect the location to be congested during these hours.

The basement area is cozier as well as uses a lot more privacy.

The basement area likewise screens Chun Shui Tang’s other product for mementos like postcards, thermos bottles, tiny shaker, trick notepaper, as well as lots of more.

The store likewise has a postal service. You can purchase a postcard as well as compose a message to someone. The dropbox is found at the basement counter, ideal at the base of the staircase.

They are strict when it pertains to taking pictures at the counter. Kindly request authorization before taking photos.

Be mindful of others. Don’t be as well loud to prevent disrupting other customers’ dining experience. respect other people’s space.

Bring your own refillable water container to keep yourself hydrated.

The restroom is found on the ground floor level.

Where to stay in Taichung

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