SHIBUYA CROSSING: The World’s Busiest Intersection – Tokyo, Japan

The lights turned green, as well as it was on!

The swarms that had developed up on all sides of the intersection rushed across the street on cue. It’s a mad scramble, a best example of organized chaos. With a cam in one hand as well as a cup of coffee in the other, I had a great view of it in action from the second floor of a close-by Starbucks store. It has been dubbed The World’s Busiest Intersection, although I’m not sure if there are actual numbers to back it up

Crossing Shibuya Intersection

מה מכוסה במדריך זה?

Organized Chaos
Shop as well as Dine District

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Organized Chaos

Shibuya Crossing. It’s just an intersection, for crying out loud. however there I was, braving to cross the street with as well as against a sea of humanity, as well as like a child, crossing some a lot more for great measure. I credit score blame two things: curiosity as well as hype. The media has pimped this as a traveler area tirelessly. The outstanding Race has made it a location for their difficulties — even silly ones like catching the roaming vending maker — a couple of times.

At the Shibuya Crossing, web traffic lights turn red in all directions at the exact same time, prompting pedestrians to surge to the opposite side all at once. I had a lot more fun seeing all the action from a distance than being in the middle of it. many tourists stop halfway for a camwhoring moment only to cause unnecessary disturbance to the otherwise smooth web traffic flow. The surrounding department stores produce great vantage points, however I heard that some prohibit photography. Your best option is to go into Starbucks, purchase a cup of coffee, as well as pick a seat by the glass wall.

First, vehicular web traffic was normal.


Upon emerging from Shibuya station Hachiko Exit, I was drawn promptly to a thickening herd in one corner. Faithful pet dog Hachiko grabs all the interest in this part of Shibuya; tourists wait on their turn for a selfie with the popular faithful canine.

כלב חיות מחמד נאמן האצ’יקו
Hachiko was an Akita pet dog whose loyalty has been widely known around the globe. university of Tokyo professor Hidesaburo Ueno took him in as a pet in 1924. For lots of months they had established a friendship as well as developed a routine: Hachiko waited for the professor at Shibuya station at the precise exact same time at the end of the יְוֹם. It went on up until someday in may 1925 when the professor did not come. הוא נפטר לאחר דימום מוחי.

For the next nine years, Hachiko continued to return to the exact same area to wait on his human friend, getting the interest of the passersby who grew curious of his presence. A morning paper post about him (published in October 1932 on Asahi Shimbun) touched the hearts of lots of commuters, some even bringing him food.

Hachiko was immortalized in the type of a bronze statue, erected at Shibuya station in April 1934.

This coffee shop offers the very best view of Shibuya Crossing
Shop as well as Dine District

Shibuya is a special ward in Tokyo, however likewise refers to the buying area surrounding Shibuya Station. It is a preferred hangout for lots of Japanese teens as well as young adults, however not as younger as well as dynamic as Harajuku. Like in lots of other buying districts in the city, fashion staples like permanently 21 as well as H&M occupy a number of stories here. Restaurants, karaoke places, as well as izakaya (Japanese pubs) flank lots of inner alleys.

It was Day 13 of my Tokyo trip as well as I desired something other than Japanese food. I went into a Korean Barbeque (Galbi) location instead.
Shibuya at night
Bragging rights, you’re a excellent motivator. At very first glimpse (and even after a lot more glances), Shibuya is not that different from other buying districts like Shinjuku, however this white striped intersection made all the difference. It is rather funny to recognize that it in lots of cases, it is the crowd crossing the street that draws a lot more crowds who want to see it in action.

How to get to Shibuya Crossing: Take the train to Shibuya station as well as then utilize Hachiko Exit. Shibuya crossing is that congested intersection ideal in front of you when you come out of the station.

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